Whickham Cottage Nursery

In the term following their third birthday, children become eligible for a Government-funded nursery place. Whickham Cottage Nursery has places for preschool children who are entitled to 15 hours of funded childcare per week, which must be taken over a minimum of three days, and is only available during term time.

Pre-school who attend our nursery are split into two groups: one of children who have recently turned three, and one of children who will be starting school in the next academic year.

At this level, we focus the children’s learning and development on the prime areas of learning, with each child’s skills and abilities being developed in specific areas of learning. Preparing these children for the transition to school or nursery school is an important part of our childcare provision within these groups, as we aim to give them the solid grounding that they need to succeed when they move on.

With a greater choice of activities and play, we aim to help children to develop their own interests and become more confident in expressing what they enjoy, whilst also encouraging their independence.